Waldemar (Wally) Zambrano

Master teacher,  coach,  mentor, speaker,  and Founder  & Director of Christian  Meditation Academy.

Waldemar Zambrano is a certified meditation, breathwork, and Christian life coach.  After being involved with his own personal meditation practice since 1984  Waldemar personally has experienced the transformational power of meditation.  It wasn’t that simple though, because in 1992 he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and realized that the meditation practice he was into was not congruent with the Word of God, so he gave it up for a while.

Fast forward a few years and Waldemar found himself and his family involved in numerous ministries that included deaconship, marriage, youth, men’s as well as church video and audio production.  During the span of in this time, he began to notice that although he went to church every Sunday, studied his Bible, and prayed and worshipped with his family, he continued to struggle with things from his past.  He also noticed that he wasn’t the only one, as many of his Christian brothers and sisters would struggle and backslide relentlessly.  

During this time in his life Waldemar was a successful television producer and director for a Christian network based in Chicago.  The countless stories that came through the network of spiritual and physical battles that believers faced day after day was countless.  Of course the majority of the stories were success stories that were resolved through prayer and the power of God.  However, he noticed that the Christian struggle was like an epidemic that seemed to have no end.  Waldemar remembered the amazing experiences he had back when he used to have a meditation practice.  He equated the experiences as the same as the fruits of the spirit, but how was this so?  Could meditation as it was being taught through Eastern influence be the solution even though the teachings were contrary to Christian belief?    

Waldemar was really bothered by this dilemma so he began his own research to find out if in fact there may be a way that a Christian could incorporate meditation as a spiritual tool to strengthen their walk with God.   That research was interrupted when he was deployed with his Army National Guard unit to Iraq.  

That trip to Iraq would end up providing him with the answer as a traumatic event that was driven by dark demonic forces nearly drove him insane.   This attack was thwarted by The Holy Spirit as He revealed Himself to Waldemar and taught him how to overcome the traumatic event with breathing and meditating on Him.     

Once back home Waldemar began his research again and realized that the Bible itself mentioned the word meditation numerous times.  So, he dug deep into the Word to discover what meditation really meant to God.   He then began looking for meditation practices that could be filtered and restructured to work with the way God meant for meditation to actually be used. 

Waldemar has made that discovery with the guidance and revelation power of the Holy Spirit.  Now he provides coaching that gives Christian the opportunity to practice meditation that is safe, powerful and transformational!!

Waldemar realizes that our world is dealing with mental wellness issues that are crippling our schools and communities.  So, he also founded Mental Wellness Academy which has the mission to provide the general public, coaching and mentoring in mental wellness strategies to help defeat the massive uprising in suicide, depression and many other mental issues.  

Waldemar is also a certified John Maxwell Leadership coach and strives to help build strong young adults into future leaders and ethical decision-makers.  

Mental Wellness Coach Chicago Inner City development

Had a wonderful opportunity to give a meditation mental wellness training at Dvorak School for the spring into life festival. I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Carolyn L. Vessel CEO/President, of I AM ABLE Inc. Great time working with the parents and teaching them an alternative way to deal with stress and anxiety.

mental wellness coaching to chicago inner city youth

Had a great time giving a mental wellness meditation session to some great kids at Kelyvn Park H.S. These sessions are designed to strengthen their focus, self-esteem, clarity of mind and controlling the stress and anxiety that kids today go through. I’m very proud of them!! I’m finding my calling with my Mental Wellness Academy!!

christian meditation breath work and life coach

If you are wondering why we’re so happy… It’s after a 45 minute Christian Meditation session I gave on Friday night at total natural fitness studios. Great time and the Lord was on Fire!!!